Grant Program

The purpose of Ladera Ranch Education Foundation grant program is to provide funds to enrich the learning environment, motivate students, and enhance instructional effectiveness. LREF recommends that principals, staff and teachers submit requests for projects, materials or equipment that directly benefit students and our community with positive results within our schools. Over the years, grant items have included books, math manipulatives, science equipment, projectors, digital presenters, sports equipment, staff training, rockets, music instruments, and many other creative additions to classrooms specifically requested by your children’s teachers and administrators.  There are no categorical restrictions on grants and projects may cover any subject.  For Teachers & Administrators – Click Here for Grant Application Instructions


The generous community of Ladera Ranch has enabled the LREF to fund more than $345,000 towards school grants since its inception in 2004.  These grants directly impact YOUR child’s education quality.

LREF is giving YOU the power to direct donations towards a specific school or grant request of YOUR choice.

For donations to the LREF General Fund that will be allocated to specific grants by the LREF Board, please visit the LREF GENERAL FUND DONATION WEBSITE (*see program rules/information below).

For School and Teacher/Grant specific sponsorship, please review the grant summary website and visit the grant sponsorship websites for the specific school below.  The grant summary websites also have instructions for you to direct LREF General Funds to the grant/school of your choice.

Chaparral Elementary School

Ladera Ranch Elementary School

Oso Grande Elementary School

Ladera Ranch Middle School

Tesoro High School

San Juan Hills High School


2015/2016 Grants and timing have not yet been announced.

Grants that receive no or partial funding from online fundraising will be considered by the LREF Board to be:

  • Fully or Partially funded from LREF General Funds.
  • Not funded with any funds raised for such grant to be reallocated at the discretion of the LREF Board to other grants. Such funds will be prioritized in the following order: (i) to other grants for similar items at the same school; (ii) to other grant requests from the same requestor or from the same grade level at such school; (iii) to other grant requests at the same school; and (iv) to any other grant request being considered by the LREF Board.

Funding Date: TBD

All approved grants are for school use. In the event that a grant award recipient leaves the school, items purchased with grant funds must remain in place at the school to which the funds were originally granted.